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Welcome to D. M. Fisher Consulting! Take a few minutes and have a look around. You'll find out a bit about me and about what I do. I help young people deal with the stress and anxiety of making life transitions from childhood to adulthood, from high school to college, from college to graduate school or from college to the workforce. It can be daunting. That is why one of the cornerstones of my practice involves helping clients identify and act upon issues surrounding these challenges and determine what to do once they have figured out a direction. If you or someone you know is in the midst of dealing with any of these things, come see me and we can formulate a plan of action. Students I see tend to find once they begin to explore their options in terms of potential career choices or even just their educational interests, their level of fear and anxiety begins to fall. Many students then find the confidence to move forward and enjoy their college experience.

I help individuals in the Orlando, Florida area dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, and substance abuse issues to actively address their concerns and improve their lives. I offer individual counseling as well as group psychotherapy dealing with issues ranging from deep depression and anxiety to improving relationships and communication. In addition, I facilitate weekend seminars and workshops on college entrance and career guidance. If you are lost, let me help you find yourself. 

                                                                                    D. M. Fisher Consulting is a proud member of the team at HD Counseling LLC


Bi-Weekly Group

Loved ones of Substance Abusers

On Wednesday evenings, a small group and I come together and focus on supporting each other through the challenges of dealing with a loved one who suffers from substance abuse. This is NOT a psychotherapy group. It is a support group. If you'd like to attend, please call me as space is limited. (321) 209-2244

Contact Me

612 East Colonial Drive Suite 390 
Orlando, FL 32803 

(321) 209-2244
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